< >< > This web-based puzzle will test your powers of deduction, reasoning, logic, creativity, research, ability to see connections between apparently unrelated things, and your ability to think outside the box in general. In order to get the most out of this brain-teaser, you will need to have a computer. (Which you obviously do.) Unlike many similar puzzles of this type, the tools you need to solve these puzzles are part of your operating system already:
  • A web browser (duh)
  • Image viewer
  • Calculator
  • Notepad or another word processor
  • Rudimentary "paint" program
  • Media player
  • It may help to have a printer... or maybe not
  • Lastly, this was designed on a Windows-based PC with Internet Explorer... no promises about whether or not a Mac, Firefox, Chrome or Opera will work on all puzzles.
That's right... no need to scour the net for hacked versions of Photoshop or Java decompilers, no need to read my mind and guess my favorite band, and no need to learn the Python programming language. ;-) You'll probably learn a few things in your travels, and don't give up! Every puzzle has a logical solution - pay attention to every part of every puzzle, and remember what came before, as many puzzles build upon ideas or techniques introduced earlier.

You can discuss the puzzles on our forum. There are no spoilers, only hints... working through the puzzle to a solution on your own is an immensly satisfying feeling. Looking for spoilers just ruins the fun!

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